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  • Time-saving

    organizing information, writing, rewriting and tailoring can take you countless late nights, slacking the entire job search process. We can deliver a spotless CV in 1-2 days only.

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    at the investment of under $100, you get a document that might cut weeks off your unemployment. Everything is done up to the employers’ expectations.

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    the exceptionally qualified specialists produce quality content for your CV that impresses your peers, target employers and leaves you no chance to remain unnoticed.

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    CV maker assigned to you is always in touch. Communicate your standards and expectations to get the copy which extends far beyond your expectations.

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    place an order, instruct your writer, download the completed CV. That’s it. Get any technical or financial issues resolved in real-time, at any time of day or night.

  • Unlimited changes

    we don’t leave our clients halfway with mediocre CVs. The writer makes amendments until you are satisfied with the finished product.

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Writing a CV that stops the eye is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Describing your experience and achievements in a way that compels and impresses is hard work. And with today’s tough competition for the best jobs, a weak CV will cost you lots of missed opportunities.

The team of knows ins and out of successful CV writing. We pour years of writing expertise and awareness of the employers’ expectations into the creation of top-notch applications for our clients. Writing style, word choice, achievements, keywords, design, and more – your CV creator will take care of everything. And your CV will be 100% custom and one of its kind.

Services we offer

We are a multi-faceted career writing agency where you can get assistance with any documents needed for a successful job application:

  • CVs

    CV is the alpha and omega of your job search. Today’s job openings attract hundreds of applications, so don’t let yours stay unnoticed. The qualified CV writers with HR expertise know how to market your strengths and achievements just right. Let your professionalism, result-driven approach and amazing soft skills shine through every sentence.

  • Cover letters

    45% of resumes get rejected for not including a cover letter. Moreover, they are a great opportunity to show your cultural fit and human side to a hiring person. Applying with a cover letter will also indicate your special interest in a position. Order a concise and persuasive letter that lures the recruiter to pay special attention to your CV.

  • Thank you notes

    37% of applicants don’t follow up after the interview, so you have a great chance to stand out simply by sending a thank you letter. Our writer will communicate your top killer accomplishments and strengths to an interviewer. This will help you stay top of mind for a hiring person and show your understanding of business etiquette.

  • LinkedIn profiles

    did you know that 95% of recruiters start looking for talent with LinkedIn? A professionally completed profile helps you pass an online screening and lets the job find you with zero effort from your side. Profile summary, skills, career history – we will polish everything to help your profile immediately captivate the attention.

  • Resumes

    are you a US-based job-seeker? Then, you’ll need a resume instead of a CV. The resume is more of a marketing document rather than the course of your professional life. We have American writers who have a deep understanding of the local job market and will incorporate the strategies of effective resume writing to help you land the job you want.

  • Interview tips

    interview advice is confusing. Moreover, many pieces of advice posted online contradict each other. On our website, you can get the interview preparation advice from recruitment professionals along with your CV. These tips cover the basic aspects of interview preparation and coping with stress.

What should the
successful CV

Your – successful CVs typically have:

Personal and contact information

The contact phone number, address, email and date of birth should be placed right under your name. Don’t use a casual unprofessional email such as “”. Opt for an email that consists of your name and surname. You might also want to include a nationality and driver’s license here, but these details are optional.

Personal statement

All strong CVs start with an introductory paragraph that summarizes the applicant’s most relevant skills and accomplishments. A personal statement serves as your elevator pitch – in 3-5 sentences, it should entice the hiring person to read the entire CV. Pick your most important career highlights or achievements, ideally those that relate to your target employer’s expectations. The best personal statements also use minimum clichés and filler words such as ‘go-getter’, ‘proactive problem solver’, etc.

Work experience

This section’s purpose is to present your professional background and give prospective employers the example of where and how you applied your professional skills. All the jobs you had should go in reverse chronological order, with your current job topping the list. Use bulleted lists to present your experience in a visually engaging way and incorporate strong action verbs to highlight your contribution. This section should be informative and give a clear picture of what your responsibilities and achievements were. Yet, keep the length reasonable – 5-7 bullet points for each job would suffice.


This section is meant to present your formal education – from high school to university and advanced degrees. Brag your academic accomplishments, such as scholarships, awards, or any other forms of recognition. If you’ve graduated less than two years ago, it makes sense to replace this section above the work experience. In this case, it’s also recommended to list the relevant coursework or academic projects.


Listing skills on a CV gives the target employer an instant picture of your professional strengths. There are plenty of ways to display your skills. Firstly, you may simply list the skill names in the form of a bulleted list (i.e. project management, budget forecasting). Secondly, you might group the skills by sections (IT skills, management skills, etc.). And finally, the best option is to give examples of how you applied each specific skill (instead of writing project management, you say Managed a $2M+ design project, ensuring delivery on budget).


Although this section isn’t mandatory, the experts recommend that you add it at the end of the CV. Including hobbies shows your human side to the recruiter and gives potential topics to discuss during an interview. For that, however, your hobbies should be described specifically – for example, composing electronic music instead of music and South America backpacking instead of traveling.


In today’s competition for the job, CVs packed with job responsibilities only have little chance to grab the attention of busy hiring managers. The best CVs are always accomplishment-driven, and these accomplishments are put above the fold and are easy to notice. Give the examples of how you saved the company time or money, improved the processes or made the customers happier, and prove your statements with figures. If you have a number of accomplishments under your belt, resume consultants recommend that you create a separate section for them.


Without relevant keywords, your CV is invisible to the screening software. You may extract the necessary keywords from the job posting you’re adapting the CV for. Simply use the requirements, qualifications and skill names in the same form as they go in the job listing. For more keywords, browse the industry resources and job search portals or consult a resume writer.

Only the truth

Don’t embellish the truth to get an interview. In the era of the Internet, all lies and exaggerations are easy to uncover. And lying about your qualifications or a non-existent degree can damage your professional reputation. It’s better to focus on the strengths you have and present them in a favorable light.

The above elements unite all successful CVs. However, an effective CV is always unique since it’s written with your career story and goals in mind. Our writer will prepare you a 100% custom CV from the ground up, positioning you as a top candidate for the job you’re aiming for.

The CV types we can
assist with

  • CV for career start

    just graduated from college? The CV consultant will highlight your energy and enthusiasm to help you land the entry-level role. We will also put your academic achievements and voluntary work in focus to position you as an ambitious, result-driven individual.

  • Professional CV

    already have an established career? Land the next employment with a CV that shows your career progression, extensive skill set, dependability and draws the attention away from any career issues.

  • CV for career advancement

    want to be considered for a promotion, land a managerial role or apply for a C-level opening? Get a professionally crafted CV focused on your leadership capabilities, soft skills and the ability to organize the work of others.

  • Career change CV

    considering switching from sales to IT or from teaching to marketing? Our expert will translate your old experience for a new industry, positioning your diverse background as an advantage rather than a shortcoming.

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  • High quality of writing - delivering career documents of exceptional quality is the #1 principle of our work. We only collaborate with the top writers specializing in various niches.

  • A CV written to local standards - whether you are in the UK, Europe, or Canada, we will match you with the writer who adheres to the local standards of CV creation and understands your industry.

  • Zero plagiarism - we write each CV from scratch based on the information you provide and your expectations. We don’t use templates or clichés that make you sound like everyone else.

  • Ongoing support - our staff is in touch around the clock. Get help with choosing a package, payment, or placing an order at any time.

  • Timely delivery - the best career opportunities cannot wait. Receive a brand new CV in 1-2 days and find a new employment even faster.

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