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    we only invite the best experienced writers to join our team. Get your CV written by a writer who understands your industry.

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    apply early to get more chances for an interview. Don’t wait for too long until your CV is being created. Take advantage of our 24-hour delivery.

  • Unlimited changes

    the writer is ready and willing to polish the document until you are content with it. The number of revisions is not limited.

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Five reasons to
outsource to custom
CV company

“Why should I pay the writer for something I can do by myself?” you might wonder. However, at quite a reasonable investment, a good CV writer can boost your confidence, help you get noticed and land a job or a promotion faster. Here’s how:

Save your time and energy

Writing a strong CV in one sitting is unreal. You will need to research the prospective employers, learn CV writing rules, and rewrite the document multiple times until it looks satisfactory. Let alone lots of other things you need to do as a job-seeker: apply for jobs every day, prepare for in-person or Skype interviews, and collect letters of recommendation. Hiring a CV maker simply lets you unwind. They will create a strong document, letting you focus on other important activities.

Get more interviews

Little things can be as frustrating as applying for jobs you are perfectly qualified for without getting any response. Or maybe you get invitations not for the type of jobs you expect. In this case, it’s best to start troubleshooting with giving your CV a second consideration. Oftentimes, it’s the mistakes in writing, poor formatting, lack of quantifiable results and other CV faults that lead to your CV being trashed. Once a CV expert fixes them, your chances for the interview will skyrocket.

Ease a career change

Mid-career changes are tricky. Not only you need to retrain to qualify for a completely new field, but also to adapt your resume accordingly. Hiring managers won’t spend their time guessing how your background in sales connects to the data analysis role they’ve advertised. Moreover, you’ll have to compete with candidates who already have tons of experience in this field. Hiring a CV creator eliminates all these challenges with the flip of the switch. They will explain how your old experience fits into the new field and focus on your soft skills and versatility, helping you pass the screening.

Benefit from CV expertise

Let’s face it: writing a quality CV is tough. Firstly, you need to define your biggest selling points without being shy to humblebrag about them. Secondly, you need to be aware of how the employers scan CVs: how they read the document and which aspects of your experience pay attention to. And finally, you need to seamlessly adapt your background to the needs of this particular employer to instantly pop up from the pile of other CVs. With our extensive expertise, we’ll showcase the exact right skills and background that it takes for you to get noticed.

Strengthen your presentation

Not all professionals are interview aces. In fact, many candidates struggle to present themselves efficiently in the interview or get too shy to speak up about their strengths. In addition to expanding your pool of opportunities, a good CV will give you clues about which accomplishments and career milestones should be mentioned during an interview. As you see your key selling points outlined on paper, you’ll feel more confident during the job search and will know for sure what to speak about on an interview.

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How to tell
professional CV
writing companies?

To get a CV that gives a head start in your job search rather than holding you back, it’s essential to find a reputable writer. With an abundance of CV services on the web, it might be tricky to choose a trustworthy service provider. However, here are the signs you need to watch in order to make an informed choice:

Pay attention to the design of their website.

Reputable companies typically have a fresh-looking, well-designed website. Although the website isn’t a direct indicator of a good quality of writing, it assumes that the company is profitable and can invest in site development and support. A profitable business won’t have a website that looks like it was launched in the past century. Moreover, a smooth website that loads quickly also means that the process of placing an order and payment will go smoothly as well.

Ask about writers’ qualifications.

The top companies won’t keep the credentials of their writers in secret. If this information isn’t advertised on the website, go ahead and ask them before placing an order. Here at CV-writing-service.org.uk, we work with writers who have 1+ years of experience with CVs and related documents and a university degree. You might also wonder about the writers’ certifications such as CPRW, but note that the certification itself isn’t a guarantee of professionalism.

Check if their rates are clearly advertised.

Trustworthy writers are always transparent about the process and fees. They will describe how the process works in detail. Also, they’ll have the prices posted, and won’t apply any hidden fees. This step builds trust: you know exactly how much you’ll be charged and what kind of package you’ll receive for this pay. If the company is vague about their prices, cannot give you an exact deadline or they shy away from any specific explanations, it’s a warning sign.

See if they have a customer support team

Although customer support isn’t a must for a resume organization, most big companies typically have it. And it makes the process a lot more convenient for you. As a client, you would probably prefer to have your issues with order resolved instantly than to wait till the next business day. Have a talk with a support rep prior to ordering. Their attitude and tone is usually a reflection of the company’s culture, and companies with friendly, helpful support typically have high customer service standards which often mean high-quality writing as well.

Look up for customer reviews

Established companies typically have positive reviews from their previous clients, and these reviews can give you a good idea of how it’s like to collaborate with this service. Check out the testimonials on the website or Google the information about the company. The absence of feedback online could mean that the company has been around not for too long. However, if they have plenty of negative feedback, this should warn you.

Ask about their guarantees

Reputable companies clearly advertise their guarantees. For instance, our company offers unlimited changes to ensure you’ll be satisfied with a new CV. We also guarantee refunds in case of non-delivery of your order on time. The number of guarantees will vary from company to company. Yet, be cautious if the organization offers no guarantees at all – it means that they won’t bother providing you with a CV of exceptional quality. On the flip side, beware if the resume writer guarantees you a job. No writer can promise you that, since they don’t affect the hiring decisions.

Services we offer

Do you want a professionally-looking CV only or want to energize your job search with a full CV package? No problem. Here are the documents we can assist you with:

  • CV

    get a professionally written yet persuasive CV written to British, European, Australian or American standards. CV keywording, formatting, and unlimited improvements within 14 days are included.

  • Resume

    want to relocate to the US for a job? Skyrocket your job chances with a persuasive resume created in line with the expectations of the local employers. The writer will develop a truly eye-catching marketing document for you.

  • Cover letter

    45% of employers will reject the application without a cover letter. Support your formal CV with an engaging covering letter that shows your human side and speaks to the hiring managers’ needs.

  • Thank you note

    following up after an interview positively sets you apart from other applicants. Get a brief yet informative note that shows common courtesy and helps you stay top of mind for an interviewer.

  • LinkedIn profile

    95% of recruiters rely on LinkedIn in the first place when sourcing new talent. Why not let the job find you? Get shown higher in search results with a complete, keyword-rich professional profile.

Stay in track with your
career goals

Don’t underestimate the importance of a well-crafted CV for your career. A strong CV can help you land an awaited promotion, impress potential employers and keep you open for new great opportunities. On the other hand, a CV that downplays your accomplishments or is too modest about your strengths, can keep your career stagnant.

Our writers are here to assist you with the creation of the CV of your dreams. Expand your pool of opportunities and land the job faster with a CV that plays up your greatest professional strengths. We offer sweet deals so you could explore the benefits of working with a CV pro. Place an order to get an instant 20% off the order total.