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A good CV is imperative to get access to more opportunities, communicate your strengths to target employers and receive more interview calls. However, writing a strong CV is sweaty. Doing research, picking keywords, learning CV writing rules and writing a document take a lot of your precious time.

Why not ease your struggle and delegate the CV creation to experts? Our specialists know the ins and outs of career writing. We will focus on your core competencies and achievements to portray you as a top candidate for the position. And thorough CV tailoring will help you pass the robot screening.

How to improve CV:
from experts

Improving a CV has a few important cornerstones. Let’s look at the main elements that anyone should incorporate into their CV to make it more appealing for employers.

Use strong action verbs

You’ve probably heard that each bullet point of your job description should start with a verb. Now, how about replacing the weak, overused words with stronger ones? Strong, persuasive verbs draw more attention to your contributions at work, show your willingness to take charge and make the difference. Try replacing ‘managed’ with ‘executed’, ‘coordinated’ or ‘consolidated’. Cross out the ‘improved’ and write ‘accelerated’ or ‘enhanced’ instead. You’ll see how instantly the tone of your CV will change. You’ll sound more confident, reliable and accomplished simply due to the use of the right words.

Remove the excessive details

As it’s obvious from the name, a CV is meant to describe your career in full. However, it will do you a lot of good if you delete the details which add nothing to your professional image. If you still use a CV objective, delete it. Hiring managers dislike objectives since they are focused on your wants and needs, not on what you can bring to the table if hired. Cross out the clichés such as ‘go-getter’, ‘proactive problem solver’, or ‘thought leader’. Don’t give detailed descriptions for jobs you had over 10 years ago – recruiters care more about the recent experience. By removing the husk, you’ll make the CV more focused and informative for employers.

Use the right amount of keywords

Applicant tracking systems scan CVs for keywords to weed out the irrelevant applications. If you use no keywords at all, the robot will decide that you do not qualify for the role, and send your CV to trash. How to avoid this? Read the job listing carefully and highlight the required qualifications and credentials. Use these keywords in your CV in the same form that the job ad requires. For instance, if their requirement is ‘troubleshoot technical issues’, use the same phrase in the CV. Mirror the language in a job description. Also, use the keywords closer to the top of the document – they have more weight there.

Create an eye-catching presentation

First impressions matter, and this couldn’t be more true for your CV. A CV that formatted clearly and accurately engages the hiring manager to spend more time reviewing it. On the flip side, a cluttered document with no margins and dense blocks of text might turn them off. So, how to make your CV visually engaging? Firstly, shorten everything. Use shorter sentences, make each bullet no longer than two lines, and add enough white space around the CV text and between the sections. Use bold and underlined text as well as color to highlight important information. These simple rules will make your CV look better than those of your counterparts.

Add a few accomplishments with figures

CVs that describe job duties only have had their days. Now, employers expect to see accomplishments as tangible proof of your competence. Accomplishment is a specific, measurable result of your work. Saving the company money, training new hires, optimizing processes and exceeding expectations can all be listed as accomplishments. To make your distinctive contributions visible, you might want to put it at the top of each job description or even to create a separate section called Accomplishments. Here are a few examples of good achievements to put on a CV:

  • Maintained a 95% customer satisfaction rate during the previous year while increasing customer retention by 17%.
  • Improved student standardized test scores in Math by 25% by incorporating motivational activities and positive reinforcement
  • Grew the number of Facebook subscribers from 500 to 4700 people in 5 months while staying on budget
  • Increased project billing by $35K on average while maintaining high level of customer satisfaction.

Write a strong, persuasive summary

A career summary is a statement that consists of a few sentences and is placed right under your contact information. Unfortunately, the job-seekers often miss a great chance to impress the hiring person by packing their summary with clichés like ‘team player’ or ‘strong leader’. Don’t make this mistake. Instead, concentrate your most important career highlights and achievements in the summary. Choose the most relevant facts that will surely impress the target employer. Keep it concise – in most cases, 2-4 sentences are enough.

Dependable administrative assistant with 3+ years of experience organizing business trips for senior executives, assisting with bookkeeping and overseeing office work. Renegotiated office supplies contracts, saving the company $12,000 a year.

Tailor it for a specific job opening

CV’s main idea is to reflect your entire educational and professional background. However, it doesn’t mean that a CV should be static. On the contrary, be sure to vary the content of the document depending on the target role. If you apply for multiple types of jobs, you will need to adapt the document every time. A good CV should highlight the traits which are relevant for the job you have in mind. The process is sweaty, but it brings results. Sending one targeted CV is more effective than a dozen generic ones. As part of the CV writing process, our specialists will tailor your application for your dream job. Provide us with the text of job listing to take advantage of this feature.

Get qualified help with my CV

When it comes to writing a document which can potentially get you hired, no tiny details should be overlooked. Forgetting to include an important accomplishment, a typo here and there, or missed keywords – and your CV goes to trash. Hiring a CV creator will help you avoid the common mistakes and take the quality of your application to the next level. To let you fully experience the advantages we offer, we grant you a 20% discount off your first order.

How to receive CV help in the UK?

Our British writers know their way about creating CVs and other application documents for the local market. If you are located in the UK, just let us know that you need a British writer, and we’ll stick to the British standards of writing. We’ll keep the file to two pages, use classic reverse chronological structure and focus on your accomplishments in the first place, as usual.

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A successful career is built through making the right choices at the right moment. Having a professional to rewrite your CV is also a choice. And this choice can open a full range of completely new opportunities for you. If the CV presents you well, more recruiters will be willing to contact you, and more hiring managers will invite you for phone or in-person interviews.

Stop missing opportunities because of an ineffective CV. Let our professional amplify your CV content, polish the writing for mistakes, and supercharge the design. Get a CV that distinguishes you in a positive light, feel a confidence boost in a job search, and get ready to impress the employer of your dreams.