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Why hire our CV

  • Unique writing from scratch

    dozens of agencies and freelancers offer cookie-cutter resumes that blur your professional uniqueness. Each CV we produce is written from scratch based on your guidelines, so that your brand shines through every line.

  • Custom CV design

    forget the faceless CV templates which abound on most websites. We format and design your CV based on the content. Thus, we additionally highlight the juiciest parts of your CV so that no hiring manager is left unimpressed.

  • Solid writing experience

    we don’t cooperate with newbies or random freelancers. Our team comprises of experienced copywriters, CV authors and former recruiters. And our writers’ rich experience ensures you’ll get the quality you paid for.

  • Get your CV done for a song

    forget the overpriced agencies which will charge your weekly pay for a single CV. We offer quality writing up to the highest standards of modern resume writing at $100 – something that is on budget even for college graduates.

  • Quality supported by guarantees

    97% of clients give us a 5-start rating. However, in rare case you’re dissatisfied with the written piece, we will revise your document for free. You may request as many changes as necessary until the CV looks great.

  • Writer is always in touch

    as soon as we match you with the writer, you’ll have all their time and attention. Discuss your expectations in detail and answer the writer’s questions to help us produce a truly impressive CV that skyrockets your job search.

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tremendous CV expertise

Whereas producing a CV is a technically manageable task, little professionals succeed in it. Creation of a CV that brings results is more challenging than you may think. Why? CV writing requires specific knowledge which you probably don’t have unless you work with CVs every day.

Persuasive CV writing is no walk in the park. Firstly, you need to understand the employers’ demands from a today’s CV. These demands evolve year by year, and listing your job duties along with company names no longer works. Secondly, you should optimize it for applicant software which is used by the vast majority of large employers. And last but not least, powerful verbs, accomplishments, and formatting for skimmability makes CV writing a huge pain in the neck.

Strong writing skills won’t suffice to get your foot in the door. Entrust your CV creation to our versatile team and benefit from our rich expertise with all types of CVs. Let your CV shine bright like a diamond and bring you results you deserve.

Why choose us over
other CV websites?

  • - Handpicked team of writers

    Unlike many resume mills, we don’t work with external contractors or poorly qualified freelancers. Each CV writer passes English and subject matter tests before joining us. Hence, the high quality of work produced is guaranteed.

  • - Strict quality control

    Each document is checked by our quality assurance department to ensure the adherence to your instructions. You can also choose an editor’s service, and our staff PhD editor will additionally proofread your written CV.

  • - We respect deadlines

    Our company won’t keep you waiting for weeks. Choose the deadline, and we’ll deliver your written documents according to it. This feature makes us a perfect option for busy job-seekers who don’t have time to waste.

  • - CVs for sale

    We treat our customers with discounts, bonuses, and special offers to help them save even more. Sign up for our newsletter, and stay aware of the CV bargains we’ll have to offer in the future.

Take your career to
the next level

If we compare a job search to building a house, writing a CV is laying a foundation. A well-written CV, just like a solid foundation, will make your job-hunting more focused and productive. Whether you continue your current career path, look for an advancement or consider a career change, a strong CV will help you achieve those goals faster.

Employers spend limited time on each CV. And at first, they don’t read it top to bottom but rather skim through for achievements and skill highlights. If nothing captures their attention, you’ll lose your chance for a job. Don’t let this happen. Leverage our expertise to maximize the potential of your resume and skyrocket your interview chances.

100% custom writing

Hiring managers are tired of “go-getters with hard-working attitude” they see on each resume, and so are we. Our professionals write CVs from the ground up based on your wishes and directions. We don’t use resume templates or pre-written phrases and consider plagiarism unacceptable. Written especially for you, your CV will be one of its kind. Unique writing and design will help your resume to get noticed from the pile.

CV written to your local standards

It comes as no surprise that CV writing guidelines vary from country to country. Our network of specialized writers includes CV makers from North America, Europe and Australia. Whether you’re in United Kingdom, Germany or Canada, we’ll connect you with the writer who understands the local CV standards and rules. More importantly, we’ll find a writer specializing your niche so that they will adjust the documents to the employers’ demands and speak their lingo.

Accomplishment-driven CVs

Gone are the days of the CVs that simply list your job duties. Today, such a CV will not grant you much of the employer’s attention. The top companies want to see results and achievements of your work. They expect to see not ‘Handled phone calls from customers’, but ‘Answered 50+ calls per day with 85% customer satisfaction rate’. Our expert will help your CV look more specific and focus the reader’s eye on your accomplishments and most notable contributions.

Compelling LinkedIn profiles

LinkedIn is the #1 go-to tool for recruiters sourcing new talent. So, if you don’t have a strong presence on LinkedIn, you are missing on lots of opportunities. Fix this situation with our help. We develop persuasive, keyword-enriched content for online profiles, helping our clients rank higher in search results and communicate their value to target employers. The writer will create a strong summary, work out the relevant skills, and describe your background convincingly.

Exceptional customer service

Working with us is as smooth as silk. The process of placing an order takes under 15 minutes, and we start sourcing the best writer right off the bat. We are always online to assist with choosing the right package, answering extra questions or resolving payment issues. Your writer stays in touch through our messaging system, so you can discuss your expectations whenever it’s convenient for you. Thus, you can get a CV done without any tangible effort from your side.

CV created in line with the top trends

Did you know that the CV should be enriched with the right keywords from the job listing? Have you heard of the necessity of a CV summary which serves as an ‘elevator pitch’ to your potential employers? Do you realize the importance of making your application result-driven? Our writing team does these and many more amazing things to let your CV shine and impress the recruiters. Benefit from the trending resume writing practices that instantly put you one step ahead of the competition.

Safe and secure cooperation

We guarantee the anonymity of information that you provide us for creation of your CV. The fact of your placing an order is kept in secret and is never shared online. If we fail to deliver your order according to the deadline, we will refund your payment. These guarantees ensure that you’ll get what you paid for and the security of your sensitive information.